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Stress Baking Bingo for Instagram Story

Updated: May 6, 2020

Quarantining at home due to COVID-19 has brought out everyone's inner-baker! I spend way too much time looking at what people are baking on Instagram using the hashtags #quarantinebaking #coronabaking #stressedbaking #covidbaking. I enjoy seeing people all over the world try recipes for the first time and collectively baking together! It's pretty rad.

As a result of my Instagram creeping I've noticed certain patterns of what we're all baking: banana bread, bagels, bread, chocolate chip cookies. Rather than keep this fascinating knowledge to myself, I made a Quarantine Stress Baking Bingo Instagram Story Template for all the quarantine bakers out there!!!

  1. Save this image to your phone, and share it to your Instagram Story.

  2. Cross off all the items you've baked since mid-March 2020.

  3. Tag 3 friends.

  4. Share a blank version so others can copy and do their own.


Did you make this?? Tag @bakingwithchickens and hashtag #bakingwithchickens on Instagram.

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