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All of my chickens are rescues and adopted. They're all named [      ]-berry. It just happened that way and it became a thing. I'm weird like that. They came to me from their former owners who couldn't keep them. My dream is to one day have a Silkie chicken named Snozzberry. 


BREED: Plymouth Barred Rock

PECKING ORDER STATUS: Top Chicken, Boss Chitch

EGGS: Large size, pinkish-cream color

TEMPERAMENT: Sweet love baby

SIGNATURE STYLE: Classic black and white




Raspberry is the first chicken I got and her best friend came shortly after. Our first summer she almost died from a heat stroke during a severe heatwave. While she was down and passed out, her best friend Lady Olgaberry tried to eat her! There was blood. We slowly nursed her back to health and she fell down to the bottom of the pecking order for several months. She had a hard time walking and fell over constantly from being off balance or tripping on her feet. To my surprise she bounced back and took back her spot of top chicken when the other two youngsters were added to the flock. Don't mess with Raspberry. She's a tough cookie. 


KNOWN ALIAS: Beakerberry, after Beaker from "The Muppets" because she's a weirdo doofus

BREED: Americuana

PECKING ORDER STATUS: Second in command

EGGS: Small oblong-shaped, greenish-blue color

TEMPERAMENT: Aloof yet tolerant of cuddles

SIGNATURE STYLE: Fluffy beard, crazy brown and black feathers

PREFERRED BULLYING METHOD: Beard plucking and occasional cannibalism


Named after after Lady Olga, the famous bearded lady in Ringling Brother's Circus, she is best friends with Raspberry and briefly took over as top chicken when Raspberry fell ill. Power got to her head and she became a brutal dictator who likes to pull out feathers and engage in cannibalism as punishment to those who defy her. Olgaberry came to me because when she was separated from Raspberry at her old home she became terribly depressed and lost the will to live. So her former owner gave her to me to reunite them so she could be happy again. Always looks grouchy in photos.


BREED: Unknown, most likely Easter Egger

PECKING ORDER STATUS: #3 has ambitions to rise to #1 

EGGS: Medium-sized round, greenish-blue color

TEMPERAMENT: Calm, stoic and patient

SIGNATURE STYLE: Rose gold oh-so-soft fluffy down



Named after a fictitious berry in the indie fantasy film "The Place of No Words," she's never as greedy as the other chickens are. She waits while the others scatter away chasing food I tossed and comes directly to me to ask for a snack. If I don't give it to her she'll peck and pull at my clothes until I relent. If I ignore her she'll jump on my back to get my attention. Loves getting blowouts after a bath!


BREED: Unknown, most likely Easter Egger


EGGS: Medium-sized round, greenish-blue color with speckles

TEMPERAMENT: Overeager silly goober

SIGNATURE STYLE: Golden toasted butter coloring, just-rolled-out-of-bed

PREFERRED BULLYING METHOD: none, self-declared pacifist


When she hears me walking up she'll come tumbling out from wherever she is and come running with great speed and urgency, feathers and wings akimbo. She's a treat FIEND. Will do anything for treats and gobbles them down as quickly as she can. If she could talk she'd say, "Mine? Mine? Mine?" like the seagulls from "Finding Nemo." She's become quite intense about snacks and will leap into the air to steal your sandwich. Butterberry is looking ratchet these days because Lady Olgaberry got jealous of her magnificent golden beard and decided to yank them all out and snip off the ends of her tail feathers. She never fights back and sacrifices her beauty for the greater good and balance of the flock.



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