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Homemade Dog Treats - Peanut Butter Apple Cookies

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I have a very special baking project in honor of National Dog Day and the love of my life, my dog Miles. Because dogs deserve fresh baked cookies too! He's usually underfoot when I'm in the kitchen because inevitably something falls to the floor that he can eat. Somehow he always knows when I'm baking him treats.

Easiest One-Bowl Dog Treat Recipe

This recipe from Everyday Dog Mom is super easy to make and can be done in under an hour! It's a forgiving recipe because it's for dogs and they're not that picky. I add two eggs to the full recipe, and one egg if I'm making half the recipe because this is a blog about baking with eggs, I have too many eggs, and eggs are a good source of protein for dogs.

I found that half the recipe will fill up two cookie sheets worth. So if I'm just making treats for Miles I'll make half. If I'm making them to be gifts for someone with dogs I'll make the full batch. It's a good idea to over bake rather than under bake because if there is moisture in the cookies they will mold if left sitting out. So I over bake a little by an extra couple of minutes and store them in the fridge in a sealed container. You could also freeze the extra cookies for later.

FAQ: How does your dog get along with the chickens?

Most dogs have some sort of predatory instinct to chase and kill small creatures, after all that's what they were bred for! Miles loves chasing squirrels, rats and lizards around the yard. We trained Miles within an inch of his life because he was a wild child when we first adopted him.

"But won't he try to eat the chickens?!" He could. But he's much more interested in eating their poop. Chicken poop is like his crack. Once he gets a taste he becomes addicted and sneaks into the run and coop are to snatch a bite when we're not looking, which then causes heinous face-melting farts. Killing a chicken would be like destroying the magical live Pez dispenser that gives you candy. Miles to too smart for that.

The "Leave It" command is our best tool to train him to leave the chickens alone and stay away from eating their poop. "Leave It" is great for all sorts of things that come up -- leave that cat, leave it to the squirrel, leave the food that dropped to the ground, etc. It teaches a dog self-control over something it wants SO badly that could help save his/her life.

Watch this episode for a dog training lesson on how to teach your dog to "Leave it." Plus, see it in action with Miles and the chickens.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend the group LARPBO (LA Responsible Pit Bull Owners) for affordable group dog training classes. They accept any type/breed of dog, any size, any temperament. $15 per class, or pay for a membership for a discounted price. Read Miles' story and how he was nicknamed Seal Boy on larpbo.org. Check classes and events on LARPBO's Meetup.com page.

Speaking of training. Did you know that you can train chickens?!?!?! This crazy awesome 12-year-old girl trains her trick chicken Koa and dog Dallas. Check her Instagram @koa.da.trick.chicken. I can't make this stuff up. You just have to watch it.

Wait, wait, there's more. Here's a video of her training her new Australian Shepard puppy with her chicken. Get this girl her own TV show!

Get The Recipe

Peanut Butter and Applesauce Dog Treats from Everyday Dog Mom

*The cookies are also human-friendly! They just don't taste very good because there's no salt or added sugar.

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