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Such Good Birds x Baking With Chickens Collab

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

cute illustrated chicken cartoons with desserts

Introducing Such Good Birds x Baking With Chickens collab, cute stuff for nerdie birdies. A portion of sales will be donated to Adopt-a-Bird Network, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the presence of adoptable birds and chickens in animal shelters and rescues.

We've are SO CLUCKING EXCITED to share our collab collection with you. There are rainbow hologram notebooks, aprons, art prints, cards, tote bags, t-shirts, stickers, socks, and more.

Julia of Such Good Birds is a bird-loving illustrator who creates cute stationery. Her illustrations of a Polish hen brandishing a knife make me laugh, and she was drawn by my adorable chickens and delicious-looking desserts. I love that we both share the same weird sense of humor. Since all my chickens are rescues and I found Dude on Adopt-a-Bird Network, we're donating a portion of sales to raise awareness for adoptable birds and chickens.


- and -


Every-birdy deserves somebody to love. So many chickens, especially roosters, are dropped off at animal shelters and rescues. People buy baby chicks and give them up when they're not able to care for them or when one of the "hens" starts to crow. Consider adopting chickens from your local shelter or helping someone re-home their feathered friends. Search adoptable chickens and birds across the U.S. at

Thank you Kelly of Adopt-A-Bird Network for making this your life's mission and purpose.

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