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Bakers Against Racism Bake Sale

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

bakers against racism bake sale graphic

UPDATE 6/25/20: Wow, we raised $3,585 from the bake sale and pie auction. We donated $2,275 to Black Lives Matters LA Chapter, and $1,310 to CampaignZero to help end police brutality. That's 636 cookies, 75 orders, 106 packs of cookies, and two pies. Collectively the #bakersagainstracism worldwide bake sale raised over $1.6 million that went directly to organizations supporting Black Lives!!!! This was all done by individuals, not corporations or companies or billionaires. Just a whole lot of passionate people. It truly shows the power of people advocating for change. Grateful to all of you who bought cookies, donated, sent notes, shared with friends, and helped to make this a wild success!

bags of cookies
Lemon Crinkle and Strawberry Almond cookies at bake sale pickup

We are joining Bakers Against Racism to host a bake sale to fight against systematic racism and prejudice from now through June 20, 2020. 100% of sales will be donated to the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter. Order form below.

When I was a kid my dad told me, "People will treat you differently because of the color of your skin. You are Chinese whether you like it or not." I didn't want to believe him at the time because I wanted to believe that my generation treated people equally regardless of the color of their skin. The truth is when people treat me differently, I am not looked at as a criminal. No one calls me a gang banger or a thug. I am not treated like I don't matter. My dad didn't have to teach me how to come home alive every day. The people I look like aren't incarcerated unfairly and subject to police brutality at shockingly disparate rates compared to whites or Asians. I enjoy benefits and privileges not afforded to Black Americans. So here I am, trying to use my skills to make a difference and help change the future in a small way. Thanks for your support.

We said, Black Lives Matter.
Never said, Only Black Lives Matter.
We know, All Lives Matter.
Until we treat Black lives with as much humanity and dignity as white lives, all lives matters doesn't mean anything.  


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