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S'mores Fudge Bars

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I'm never ready for summer to end. Maybe because I grew up in the endless summer of Southern California S'mores represent everything that's good and memorable about summer. Summer camp, camp fires, beach bonfires, long lazy evenings with your best group of friends. Oddly enough I do not like eating s'mores because it inevitably turns into a big sticky mess all over my hands and face. I don't enjoy biting into not-melted chocolate with hot lava marshmallow and the whole thing overall is too sweet. I like making s'mores, I like the idea of s'mores, I do NOT like eating s'mores.

Until this recipe came along, No Bake S'mores Fudge Bars by Little Epicurean. It's chocolate fudge is soft and chewy, the toasted marshmallow is crisp and burnt on top, and graham cracker crust has that extra snap of salt to balance out the sweet. It's everything I want my s'mores to be without the gooey, sticky mess.


This was my first time making fudge, this easy shortcut fudge was shockingly simple. Just melt chocolate into condensed milk, stir and set. The texture was perfect. I'm excited to try this with other flavors.

I added more salt to the graham cracker crust than the original recipe called for and I'm so glad I did! I'm a sweet and salty fan and that extra salt made these s'mores bars extra craveable and not just a sugar bomb.

Instead of jut piling marshmallows on top I folded some of the marshmallows into the fudge before pouring into the pan so that there would be pretty marshmallow chunks when I cut into the bars. WORTH it just for the pretty pictures.

s'mores fudge bars
See what I mean? Worth it!



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